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The Unani System of Medicine is a comprehensive medical system, which meticulously deals with the various states of health and disease. It provides promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare. The fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment modalities of the system are based on scientific principles and holistic concepts of health and healing. Its holistic approach considers individual in relation to environment and stresses on health of body, mind and soul. Temperament (Mizāj) of a patient is given great importance in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Natural remedies used are mostly derived from plant sources. The system is presently practiced in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia, few Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries and certain African as well as European countries. In India, it has been developed scientifically and integrated systematically in the healthcare delivery system over the years. With the government patronage, a wide network of educational, research and healthcare institutions of Unani Medicine has been developed and India has emerged as the world leader in Unani Medicine. For more details: click here